Thursday, January 23, 2014

#tbt Our First Trip Together

The first time my {now} husband and I took a trip was for New Year's 2009.  A friend and his wife invited us to Mammoth Mountain, California for four days of snowboarding and frivolous fun. Total, there were four couples sharing a condo up on the mountain. Why wouldn't we go?

Oh, that's right. I had never snowboarded.  In fact, I had never really been in snow. Yes, Arizona girl through and through. 

I pieced together gear from friends - except for the sweet Volcom snow jacket.  I also got "How to Get Off a Ski Lift" lessons from a friend, using dining room chairs and a lot of sarcasm. 

My biggest fear was not the snow, ski lift or snowboarding though. I feared how my significant other would do having to teach me a new skill. I can be {ahem} stubborn and whiny when learning something new.  I'm a frustrating perfectionist and give up very easily.  I wasn't quite sure how he would handle that side of me, in addition to our first trip away together.

Much to my surprise, we both did better than I thought.  He was so wonderfully patient with me on the slope and I tried extra hard so as not to waste his time.  He was very empathetic to my fears and patiently helped me maneuver my way down the mountain.

This trip was a major turning point in our relationship. Without having to say so, we were both all-in on the relationship.  Our commitment to each other became prevalent in our actions - especially our vulnerabilities.  After our trip, the door was open to try new things for both of us.  This has been the foundation for our relationship, a sturdy one at that. <3

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