Saturday, January 4, 2014

Fitness Log: 1/4/2014 - Fat Burning Treadmill Workout w/Beginner Tips

Rise and shine!  This morning's workout came at the crack of dawn.  My plan for the day was to try an interval workout on the treadmill with some light strength training.  With a view like this from the treadmills, this was a good day to give it a shot.
I found this Fat Burning Treadmill Workout from Tone It Up and it looked like fun.  And by "fun", I mean, like it would kick my ass.
As a beginner, I made a few adjustments.  No offense to Katrina and Karena, but I don't think this is built for people who have limited treadmill experience.

First,  if you have never adjusted incline and speed mid-workout, give that a shot before jumping into this program.  The last thing I want is to see someone fall off a treadmill because they are overwhelmed by the multi-tasking required for this workout.

Second, study the workout before jumping on.  This changes speeds and inclines fairly frequently so have a good idea of what you'll need to do.  Also, print this out.  Don't have it on your phone - it'll be hard to read.  Yes, you'll look a little dorky with your print-out on your machine, but that's better than being the person who falls off the treadmill trying to look at your phone.

The goal here is to not fall off the treadmill.

Third, figure out your own "Jog" and "Run" speeds on the treadmill.  The suggested numbers are a great benchmark.  However, at my fitness level right now, my jog is around 5.0 and my run is around 6.0.  Work your way up to the listed speeds.  You don't have to be there the first time you jump on the treadmill.

Finally, this will murder your legs, but you can do it!  I promise!
All in all, I'm officially obsessed with this workout.  It feels weird to say... but I felt amazing when I was done.  Not only energized, but proud of what I accomplished.  Even better, the time FLEW by.  With so many adjustments, you don't really notice how much time is passing.

Give it a try and let me know how it went!

Keep Moving!

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