Friday, January 3, 2014

Fitness Log: 1/3/2014 - Elliptical and Strength

Today was my last day to work from home and therefore, my last day of comfortably having time to workout.  My body must have known it because my workout today was awful.  Seriously.  Today was just a bad day.  However... I went to the gym and knocked it out anyways.

Elliptical Trainer - 20 minutes @ Level 8
Treadmill - 13 minutes @ 3mph (End of workout walk)

Biceps Curl - 10 reps x 3 sets @ 30lbs
Triceps Extension - 10 reps x 3 sets @ 30lbs
Seated Row - 10 reps x 3 sets @ 45lbs
Leg Curls - 10 reps x 3 sets @ 30lbs
Shoulder Press - 10 reps x 3 sets @ 15lbs
Chest Press - 10 reps x 3 sets @ 30lbs
Leg Extension - 10 reps x 3 sets @15lbs
Leg Press - 20 reps x 3 sets @ 50lbs

The good news is my body is starting to crave workouts.  I feel a little off if I don't have one.  Sounds strange but I guess that's a good sign, right?  I'm also starting to see a lot more tone and definition in my body.  One step at a time... just have to...
Keep Moving!

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