Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Fitness Log: 1/8/2014 - Gentle Yoga

Somehow...during my recent workouts, I pinched something in my neck.  I was doing my best imitation of Igor all day yesterday.  Not even Advil or a massage helped.  What did help was a healthy does of gentle yoga.
 I awkwardly dismounted my big bed this morning, changed into yoga clothes, and set up my yoga mat.  Thank goodness for Hulu Plus and their Fitness videos.

I selected "Gentle Yoga: Session 1" by Yoga Zone.  (You can actually watch it for free without a Hulu Plus membership!)  While the instructors come off a little granola for my taste, the pace was smooth and easy to follow.  Don't let the title of the session fool you.  It is "gentle" yoga - meaning "low impact", but your body gets a wonderfully restorative workout.  Soon enough my back was popping into alignment and boom!  Whatever was pinched in my neck was no more.

I usually don't like slow, gentle yoga.  I gravitate toward stress relief practices that also elevate the heart rate.  The more I sweat the better I feel.  However, I guess a girl just has to take it easy sometimes.  Today, I feel magnificent.

Do you have a favorite practice of yoga?

Keep Moving!

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