Friday, December 27, 2013

Fitness Log: 12/27/2013 - Jillian Michaels Kickbox FastFix

I'm working from home over the holiday - which is amazing in and of itself.  However, it also means that I can workout on my lunch break.  Yay!

I bought Jillian Michaels's Kickbox FastFix video over a year ago and never used it.  Shame on me - I know. I pulled it off the shelf and gave it a shot today.
 Let me tell you something.  I was only able to make it halfway through one of the 20-minute workout.  How pathetic!  It was so hard though!  This workout is no joke.  Before I got through the first movements of the warm-up, my pulse was POUNDING.  Part of that is a testament to how out of shape I am.  The other part is how much Jillian Michaels kicks my ass.  This is why I love her - she terrifies me.

I'm excited to try this video again.  I recommend if you use this video that you don't skip the kickboxing tutorial.  Jillian moves very quickly through the workout and doesn't spend any time on movement instruction.  Be prepared to move fast.  That's why it's called FastFix.

If you are interested in this video, you can purchase it here:

Keep Moving!

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