Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Earning My Wings :: Training Week 7

I spent the majority of the past week at a conference for work.  While my eating habits took a small detour (so much chocolate in those goodie bags), I am proud to say that I remembered to work out doing cardio and toning exercises every day.

Working out at the conference was rough though.  Not because of the early hours or the soreness.  The air quality.  Unfortunately, the fitness center was on the second floor of the hotel, which was open to the attached casino.  The second-hand smoke created quite a challenge while I was ramping up my heart rate on the cardio machines.  I powered through but my muscles didn't feel so great afterwards.  Oh well.
 I was excited to hop back on an elliptical and rowing machine.  I don't utilize my apartment's gym very often so it's been quite a while.  What felt best was doing something other running or HIIT sessions.  Shaking it up really gave me my groove back.

At this work conference, we received some amazing gifts, one of which being a Jawbone UP.  I never thought I would like having a fitness tracker.... and then I got one.  Truly I'm in love.  I like the way it tracks my activities and specifically how easy this one is to use.  It also syncs well with other apps, like RunKeeper, to make tracking easier and less cumbersome.

If you have an UP, add me to your team via my Twitter handle jen_evans_.

Going into this week, I decided to give Tone It Up's 5 Day Slim Down a try to get my nutrition back on track.  You have to purchase their Nutrition Plan to get the details but essentially it creates quite a slice in calories, while upping your workout time and focusing on fuel (not feeding time).  After three days of meetings with a goodie bag filled with candy, my body needed a non-detox detox.  I'm not much for diets, but my body felt gross and felt like it needed a reboot.  I'll let you know how it goes next week.

So what am I most proud of this week?  I'm really proud of myself for completing my workouts despite being at a work conference, which is the adult excuse for being super lazy.  Go me!

Catch you next week!

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