Monday, February 23, 2015

Earning My Wings :: Training Weeks 5 & 6

Yup, I'm combining the two.  Why?  Because I got lazy again?  Nope.

I simply forgot to blog last week.  Work was insanely busy (for all good reasons) and the three day weekend, plus special events.... sigh.  I just forgot.

That being said.  In a nutshell, the past two weeks have been learning experiences for me.  (Isn't every week?)  I've started to more closely follow the Tone It Up weekly fitness schedules.  I don't like having to think about what I need to do every day, so I let Katrina and Karena tell me what to do.  I modify their workouts to fit my running schedule but find them to be an excellent cross-training complement.

The past two weeks ultimately have been focused on what I put into my body.  One of my big goals for this year is to learn more about nutrition.  I eat well, but admittedly, I'm pretty uneducated on complete and incomplete proteins, "healthy" fats, "good" sugars... whaaaaat?  Aren't there just calories?  Apparently not.

I did some light research on the internet and tapped into some trusted sources to learn about how to balance meals and the difference between was good and better for my body.  Thankfully, I learned that my habits weren't too far off from "balanced" - I just had some firming up to do.

Now, let's be clear.  That doesn't mean I'm a "health" nut.  The empty box of Girl Scout cookies in my trash can proves otherwise.  But I'm happy to start developing healthier habits.

One small discovery that I'm very late to the game on is infusing my water.  I love the natural sweetness of fruits so why it took me so long to flavor my water with the simple techniques of infusing is really very silly.  I found the perfect infuser bottles on Amazon that are the perfect size for grab-n-go.  You can get them here:

I've been experimenting with different combinations.  So far, strawberry/mint and raspberry/cucumber are my favorites.

During the past week, I've focused on not kidding myself during my workouts.  This means truly working hard.  None of this "Oh, I'm tired so I'll only do 2 sets instead of 3."  Barring anything painful or dangerous, I've been honestly pushing myself.  Pushing through the burn.  Pushing through the crazy heartbeats.  Pushing through the shaking.  How did that work out for me?  I'm sore.  Very, very sore.  But it hurts so gooooood.

All in all, it's been two weeks of running, toning and learning about nutrition.  All good things.

Here's to looking forward....

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