Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Earning My Wings :: Training Weeks 11 & 12


Leading into Week 11, I made an agreement with someone close to me.  I'll do 5k a day running or 10k a day cycling for 14 days straight.  The agreement was made to ramp up our fitness levels and while, due to circumstances beyond their control, they were unable to complete the challenge.  I, however...was not able to either.


Allergies.  Stupid springtime.

So how far did I make it?
10 days.  10 workouts in a row doing either a 5k run/elliptical (have to give those knees a break) or 10k cycle.

I'll be real.  It was exhausting.  I had to be sure to change my diet because I was burning so many calories and I was perpetually sore. body felt great.  I hit a 10:00 mile with great ease and now I really understand why cross training is so important.  I've immediately noticed a change in how running feels.

Unfortunately, Arizona is heating up, which means the pollen is coming out to play.  Ugh!  On day 11, I couldn't walk outside without my eyes watering up and had to take allergies pills, which severely dehydrated me.  Unfortunately, that put a temporary halt to my challenge and I've resumed regular workouts this week.  I'm really glad I did it though!

So what am I most proud of?

Until next week... keep moving forward!

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