Monday, December 29, 2014

Earning My Wings :: Training Week 1

I always knew there was something special inside of me.  Of course, I thought it was an alien baby or a gremlin.  Turns out, it's a runner.

My first week of training has gone incredibly well.  As mentioned in my first post, I've employed my RunKeeper app to train me.  Thank goodness I have something to make decisions for me.  Otherwise, my training plan would be "Let's see how far I can run today" and after a mile or so I'd be headed back to my couch.

I have also been truly surprised by my pace.  Never being much of a long distance runner, I didn't know what my pace would look like over a mile and a half.  As you will see... not too shabby!

The pride really kicked in when I did all of this on the coldest week of the year we've had thus far.  Two of my runs happened at temps below 40*.  This Arizona girl was so bundled up!

My Saturday run was a bit of an anomaly.  The freezing cold temps paired with the high tempo drum beats of Rise Against put my pace into overdrive.  Not sustainable but efficient and fun nonetheless.

Week 1:
Tuesday, December 23 - 2.10 miles @ 12:36
Wednesday, December 24 - Self Ultimate Destress Yoga
Thursday, December 25 - 3.30 miles @ 12:59
Friday, December 26 - Rest Day
Saturday, December 27 - 2.05 @ 11:35
Sunday, December 28 - 4.03 @ 12:13
Monday, December 29 - Tone It Up's Surfer's Paradise Workout + 30 squats, light core work and weight lifting

In addition to running, I have remembered to do some cross training and I'm really honing in my diet.  I've always been one to eat well..... ish and trust me, around the holidays, it was really difficult to stay away from sweets.  I've done my best to shift to fuel and predominately water.  Baby steps... itty bitty baby steps.

So what am I most proud of this week?

Overall, Week 1 was pretty solid.  I'm actually looking forward to the coming weeks to see how my performance improves.  Talk about motivation!

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