Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Earning My Wings...

 I'm not entirely sure what the catalyst was for signing up for a Disney run.  When I signed up in mid-August, I was going through major life changes and wanted something to look forward to.  I enjoy running...so there's that.  I also love Disneyland and Tinker Bell... so... why not?
 Now that it's late December, I decided it was probably time to lace up the running shoes and actually start training for the race.  I've never done training before - if you don't count my brief experience with track in high school, which I hated.  Usually, I just run consistently and then gun it on race day.  This usually doesn't work out as planned (read: straining my body).  But this race scares me a little bit.  It's longer than any one I've done before.  I want to make sure my body can handle it.  It's also much more expensive.  It's a full trip to participate.  And... I don't want to let Tinker Bell down!

I've employed my trusty RunKeeper app to train me.  There's a free training program for 65min 10k for those comfortable running 2-3 miles.  61 training sessions.  Ugh - that's intimidating.  The alternative is worse though.
Today was Training Day 1.  I haven't run in quite a while so I was worried about doing 2 miles cold.  Much to my surprise I was able to complete 2 miles at 12:36 pace, which isn't too bad considering I've been lazy and I ate about 17 cookies today (thanks, holidays).  Running felt comfortable.  I think...I may be able to do this.

Part of my training is also doing a few strength and yoga sessions a week.  Gotta stay strong and keep those muscles loose.

Additionally, I've signed up for the Kiss Me, I'm Irish 8k in March (see it here - come run with me!) to keep me on track.

Are you a runner?  Let me know what races you're signed up for - I'd love to join you!
They say the hardest step is the first one.  We'll see about that.

Here we go!

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