Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

I live an ordinary life.  I have an ordinary job and have ordinary hobbies.  I live in an ordinary town, in an ordinary house, on an ordinary street.  I haven't had any life experiences that are worth of a "Today Show" visit or a Lifetime movie (thank god for the latter, because you know that wouldn't be good).  I've never been on a reality show, though I love to watch them.  I've never won a contest, except for winning a copy of Season 1 of Mad Men from Self Magazine a few years ago.  My life is simply ordinary.


My perspective on life is not... ordinary.  I chose to view everything in everyday as extraordinary.  

That's not to say I have this psychedelic view on the world.  I mean that I celebrate the "ordinary" aspects of my life everyday because to someone else it may seem extraordinary.  

Let that sink in a minute.  Deep, I know.

I have been the author of a craft blog for over a year now (The Creative Cubby) and have loved the experience of connecting with crazy glue gun obsessed people like myself.  I stepped back and took a look at my life realizing there's so much more in my life that I'd like to celebrate, explore and share with others.  So here you have it.  The blog for the other side of the blogger.  Don't get it?  Don't worry... neither do I.  We'll figure it out together.

What you can expect are some hilarious viral pictures and videos, rants about the Real Housewives and Instagrams.  Seem boring?  Guess what... that's an ordinary life.  Welcome.

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