Monday, January 12, 2015

Earning My Wings :: Training Week 3

Ugh!  This week was rough.  My knees have started to hurt due to excessive use.  I didn't take proper care of myself with my diet, hydration or sleep.  Tsk, tsk!

However, I worked hard and started listening to my body.  I took tonight off from all workouts and did some stretching.  My knees are killing me, so ice and rest it is.

I took the below picture during one of my evening runs.  I got home later than usual from work one night and was chasing the sunset.  Worth the great show - love Arizona.
Here what I was able to accomplish this week.

Week 3:
Tuesday, January 6 - 3.65 miles with sprint strides @ 11:09
Wednesday, January 7 - Tone It Up: Love Your Arms & Abs
Thursday, January 8 - 4.13 miles @ 11:27
Friday, January 9 - Rest Day
Saturday, January 10 - 2.78 miles @ 11:01
Sunday, January 11 - 5.11 miles @ 11:25
Monday, January 12 - Rest Day - Ice Those Knees

What am I most proud of this week?  Well, because I'm usually so stubborn...

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